We help our clients in many unique ways. The main areas where we can offer assistance on your project include:

  • Protecting your commercial interests on the project.
  • Keeping you informed and educated on what each stage of the project encompasses and what to expect along the way.
  • Follow up consultants, suppliers and contractors regarding late or outstanding items.
  • Keeping a documented record of all decisions and changes on your project.
  • Ensuring correct financial forecasts are in place on your project.
  • Significantly reducing your workload and stress by utilising our project management team, systems and processes.
  • Uncomplicating and streamlining the entire property development process.
  • Valuing engineering and saving money at every stage of your project.
  • Reducing overall development and project risk.
  • Preventing time and cost delays.
  • Ensuring your project is financially viable or showing you how to make your project financially viable.
  • Increasing your personal capacity to do more projects by having the correct management frameworks in place.
  • Putting in place adequate support systems for you and your business throughout the duration of the project.
  • Providing an information filter on your project to prevent stress and overwhelm.
  • Having the difficult conversations that no one wants to have.
  • Protecting you from contractually astute builders.


Nigel Sanderson President of the Gold Coast Cricket Club

Paul Mckenzie Founder of McKenzie Aged Care

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Dennis Botham Chief Financial Officer of Kalwun

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Nigel Sanderson President of the Gold Coast Cricket Club

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Project challenges that we regularly face and overcome include:

  • Disputes and conflict with the builder and/or other project stakeholders.
  • Poor quality and workmanship on the project.
  • Impacts and consequences of an unorganised project or a project experiencing poor communication and coordination between team members.
  • Delays in dealing with local and state authorities.
  • Building certification issues and legislative changes.
  • Consequences of signing a bad contract.
  • Political situations on shareholder boards that are impacting project progress.
  • Major design flaws or mistakes that need to be fixed to prevent big time and cost issues.
  • Coordination issues between the builder, unit buyer, sales agent, stakeholders and developer.
  • Cost and time implications of a project becoming unnecessarily complicated.
  • Clients needing more project experience and credibility to obtain project funding.
  • Major cost issues relating to poor design and document coordination.
  • Inefficient project design.
  • Projects that have progressed with incorrect feasibility studies.
  • Project experiencing a high number of variations and extension of time claims.
  • Builders not fulfilling their contractual requirements on the project.
  • Team members constantly not performing or meeting deadlines.
  • Difficult contract negotiations with the builder.


We bring the following points of difference to your project:

  • In-house quantity surveyors are assigned to each one of our client’s projects.
  • The ability to structure alternative finance arrangements due to our relationship with certain funders.
  • We consistently exceed client expectations through strong work ethic and by delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible quality.
  • Our project managers have big project experience and small complex project experience.
  • Excellent contract knowledge and administration skills.
  • Conscious project management style that ensures quality working relationships are maintained with all team members throughout the project.
  • Pride in conducting business in a transparent manner ensuring at all times we have good intentions and a high level of integrity.
  • Consistently creating value on projects which often covers the cost of our professional fees many times over.
  • Established industry connections and network.
  • Consultancy firm based on results, value and outcomes.
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